We built URBAN THEKA to accelerate the reach of  CULTURE OF PUNJAB personalization in India.


At URBAN THEKA, we look at it as a happy place for everyone who steps a foot in the store. We value the old-style culture and authenticity of Punjab and rely heavily on the roots. Punjab has always been the source of strength, entertainment, and happiness to the country. We believe this to be the process to deliver the best value for our customers.

We built Urban Theka to accelerate the reach of personalization in the Culture of Punjab with the belief to delight our customers by making shopping reliable, authentic and affordable. Diligent and persistent artists and artisans with profound technical ability have created Urban Theka as a solid ground to put our feet on, and as a community, we belong to.

Making an impact through Vision, Culture, and Homespun Craft

For us, Urban Theka is the spirit of looking at things Proudly and Differently.

  • Trying new things even when success is not guaranteed.
  • Connecting the youth to the roots and rich culture of Punjab.
  • Making “the authentic Punjabi style” a Trend over the world.

This was the spirit on which Urban Theka was founded in 2015. With the belief that a business cannot be about financial gain alone. It is about making a positive impact on society. That’s what Urban Theka is about.

Urban Theka is Exclusive fashion for the contemporary Indian with In-house capabilities in design, manufacturing, and marketing.